2015 Science, IT and Math Grand Exhibit

Short Message
Hon. Carlos Jericho L. Petilla
2015 Science, IT and Math Grand Exhibit
September 15, 2015


Firstly, it is truly a great pleasure to be here today to be part of the opening of this year’s Science, IT and Math Grand Exhibit. As a stakeholder in the IT sector of the country, I find this as a very auspicious event that highlights the competence of the institution in harboring development that will include different industries. Progress is not only measured on the extent of our successes in building livable communities but also in varied elements most particularly in the advancement of knowledge especially in the sciences.

We have seen different nations struggled towards to what they are now today and most of them ventured on investing in technology and the sciences in order to derive their own economic and societal miracle. Can the Philippines do this? The answer remains in the brilliant ideas which would be exposed in this grand exhibit. This exhibition is not only to showcase how far we have gone through, but also the necessity to apply it in our daily lives.

In Energy for example, it is not enough that we have good feasibility studies and researches, we must be practical and we must see its result in solid form. Hence, the arrival of different energy technologies which promotes the diversity of the industry. Only through doing this can the people understand the importance of our aspirations. Help them understand our craft, help them be motivated and inspired. This grand exhibition is the first step on awareness and a big leap for communal and academic nation-building.

You can be assured of my constant support in all your undertakings.

Mabuhay kayong lahat!