Awarding Ceremony of the Ten Outstanding Students of Bicol 2015

Guest of Honor Message
Sec. Carlos Jericho L. Petilla
Awarding Ceremony of the Ten Outstanding Students of Bicol 2015
College of Arts and Letters, Bicol University
March 9, 2015


Every time I am in the company of the young people, I always feel secured that the nation will be in good hands in the future. As our heirs, we hope that your struggles would be different from ours. We had our shares of hardships and you should learn from it and avoid them from happening during your time as leaders of the country. Face newer battles and achieve more. Being an outstanding student is just an added blessing. It is a token of how hard you worked as scholars of the academe. I am certain that in your university alone there are plenty of bright young minds but you were the first ten to answer to a higher call thus, greater laurels on your heads are to be placed.

We seek to nurture and preserve the next batches of Filipinos since in your hands lies a better future and the continuation of our efforts. We see you as a wise investment that would soon yield promising results.

In the energy sector, we see to it that we also welcome to the workforce young and talented individuals. Not that we no more value the more seasoned employees but because it is highly important to employ new blood and embed them in the system. The dynamism of the sector requires us to challenge ourselves daily not only in our tasks in our offices but also in the long term. As the old teaches the young to do their responsibilities, the young provides a more vibrant look that can positively affect the industry. This is what we aspire to, to create a pool of individuals that are credible and suitable to the duties within the energy sector.

There are of course challenges such as what we are facing now, imminent power shortages among others. However these are part of the game, and we cannot loose, for our people will be the first to taste our failure. We cannot allow that to happen. I am certain that with the newer ideas of the young, we can solve this and hopefully struggle towards our goal of energy independence.

Now this is just an example of how the youth can be a catalyst of change in the country. There are also different sectors where your help is need. I will not name them all as you know your expertise well, where your talents are much need. I hope that you will choose wisely a sector that will benefit not only yourself but also others.

May you continue to be an inspiration to your colleagues and even help them in discovering their own value as students and future professionals. I am aware that this award is very prestigious and sought by a lot of aspirants. I am sure that nearly everybody applied for this, which is why I would like you all to treat this award not only as your personal accomplishment but a symbol of everyone’s dream to become achievers. Share your successes and achievements to others that they may too follow the same road you took.

On behalf of the Department of Energy, I would like to congratulate you on this endeavor. May you always aspire greater for yourself and country.

Congratulations once again at Mabuhay tayong lahat!