FEU Institute of Technology – Social Forum

Keynote Speaker
Sec. Carlos Jericho L. Petilla
FEU Institute of Technology – Social Forum
“iTamKaalaman: Renewable Energy for Energy Efficiency”
April 21, 2015


Before I begin, I would like to thank the administrators, faculty and staff of the Far Eastern University Institute of Technology – Social Forum for organizing a colloquium that tackles the energy sector and how you can be part of the movement that yearns to create dynamic and well – informed consumers. One of the joys of being a professor is the fact that you deal with eager and young minds. When I was still active in teaching at the university, my day to day duty was merely ensuring that my students would learn new things which they can easily apply in their course or program. Teaching in a way, is very hard most especially when you are not really interested in what you teach. Today, I am here to instil in you new awareness in a particular field of knowledge that often stirs existing policies and programs of government.

The Philippines is already growing economically. In fact, this is best exhibited with the influx of investors that flock our shores. In the government, it is our business to invite developers that have the capacity to develop our existing industries. In the energy sector, we also adhere to this kind of endeavour. More is needed from us as energy forms part of the backbone of the whole country. We need to be proactive in our decisions and policies that will yield both positive results for our people and potential developers. To motivate our proponents, the Department made use of the milestone approach wherein from 100 working days we trimmed down the process for RE applications into just 45 days. Actually, the application process for RE is indispensible. However, we also need to make sure that it will not take a long time because we need power and only through building new power facilities can we fill our requirements.

The target we are looking at is to triple our RE capacities by 2030. This is attainable as we are facing a great number of RE developers who are willing to invest and develop our industry. In our country like ours, what is important is a good business model which will win the confidence of our people and investors. Not only do we put this conviction to invite more industry partners, we also included several entities. In fact since last year, we have been inaugurating solar rooftop for schools and even recently we witnessed the inauguration of a solar rooftop facility in a large mall in Quezon City. The Department merely facilitated in the realization of these projects. We need to understand that without any motivation that comes from our people we will never enjoy the fullness of our capacity as a nation.

On your part, I wish that you will practice energy efficiency and conservation. These are little efforts which we can do as a people. This goes a very long way as it promotes consumer discipline and awareness. By putting our cooling systems to 25 degrees Celsius, turning off unused appliances and changing our lightings to CFL and LED, we are saving enough power that equals a capacity of a power plant. If you think that energy efficiency is only reserved for large establishments and houses, it is not. It is for all Filipinos because we are all living under the same laws that govern our land.

I hope that this will trigger more understanding in the sector we govern. We are working for you and we hope that you will do the same in an effort to be active collaborators for our nation’s betterment.

On behalf of the Department of Energy, thank you again for this opportunity of meeting you. I hope that you will be more inspired as we build a great future for our people and nation.

Mabuhay tayong lahat.