Montessori West School’s Pre/Grade School Commencement Exercise

Sec. Carlos Jericho L. Petilla
Montessori West School’s Pre/Grade School Commencement Exercise
Quezon City
March 20, 2015


Allow me first to thank the school administrators, faculty, staff and students of the Montessori West School for inviting me on your Commencement Exercises. Like every one of you, I had good memories as a young student. Preschool and grade school are formative years in a child’s life. It is the foundation of what he/she will be when he enters high school and eventually college. My children when they were still grade-schoolers would always ask me if I could help them in their assignments. As a father how can I refuse to my children? So I always oblige, setting an hour or two during the evenings to help them in their schoolwork. I must admit that the curriculum has changed since my time and surprisingly lessons were all advanced. I find this a good thing because it only shows that our schools are already on the move to be at par with the international standards. This is what we need as a growing country. Education must be dynamic and must address the challenges and issues of the day.

When you enter secondary education, you’ll be amazed on the subjects available. Sadly, you cannot pick or choose what subjects to take but that would be the case the moment you go to college. The importance of education is not actually measured on your attendance in school but in your output. I am sure you had a lot of projects, assignments and quizzes, they we are all there to help you in your studies. Imagine life without them, it might be happy and light but the real essence of hard work will not be there. Remember that whatever you learned here will be applied in the next level and even in your life. Cherish your moments with your teachers and remember how passionate they were when they taught you your favorite subjects.

As young graduates you might ask, what could be your contribution to your community or country? You might even think that for now you are just a small voice and your actions won’t really matter. That is not the case, everything no matter how small they are, are considered contributions. An example is saving energy. Something, which everyone can do. When we talk about energy savings, the first thing that comes to mind is to turn off your appliances like televisions and others when not in use. This is true, however saving energy is not only limited to turning off appliances and lights. As young as you are you can help your parents by reminding them to do the same or to push yourself to influence your younger siblings or friends. The most perennial example, which happens to every home, is the occasional opening of the refrigerators even if you don’t need anything in it. What we don’t know is that we are also using energy when doing such. You can also use the power of social networking and the Internet by searching simple ways of saving energy and quickly applying it in your way of life. This is a very modest undertaking that if all will follow would create a great leap not only in awareness but also discipline.

As you graduate and move on to another chapter of your young life, I am sure that a lot are eager and some nervous for we cannot really foretell what lies in the future. However, may you always be driven and motivated to be the best in everything you do. You still have a lot of books to read, quizzes and assignments to do and most importantly challenges to be hurdled. I hope that you will take time to review everything that comes your way and evaluate whether it is the right step that will make you closer to your goals. As a student, you primer goal is to graduate, be focus on this objective. Be young nation-builders contributing to the welfare of the country.

On behalf of the Department of Energy, we would like to extend our congratulations to all graduates. Keep your flame alive and preserve the excellence that the school has taught you throughout the years.

Thank you very much and have a great day.