Opening Ceremony IIEE National Midyear Convention

Keynote Speaker
Sec. Carlos Jericho L. Petilla
Opening Ceremony IIEE National Midyear Convention
May 22, 2015
SM Lanang Premier, Davao City


First of all, I would like to thank the officers and members of the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers for inviting the Department of Energy to take part on your National Midyear Convention. My presence here is no coincidence. And though I have been receiving many speaking opportunities, I believe that being here today constitutes the importance of your profession in the advancement of the energy sector.

Industry practitioners have been the lifeline of the Philippine Energy Sector. Actually our sector is so diverse that we need several professions to control all its aspects. It is not easy rather difficult, but in all difficulties if we will hire and seek the assistance of the right people for the job, everything will be fine and will turn out for the better. Our purpose is to guide and inform our people. In fact we have the opportunity to reform our sector and we can only do it if we will be the ones initiate change.

Service beyond duty is what we need. To give greater service, more than what is expected is a call that everyone should adhere to. You need to understand that as a country with potentials, we need to fuel it more and ensure that all our sectors and industries are functioning well. With energy as the basic source of industrialization and progress, we need to support this industry with enough people to maintain the nation’s pace and momentum.

It is not enough that we are doing our work, if we want to be at par with our regional neighbors, we need to exert more effort to meet their standards. We must have the motivation to go on with our daily functions. I understand that sometimes working for the energy industry drains us to a point of frustration. Excessive work loads seemed to be the norm. However, we must not surrender to all our difficulties, remember that if we want to accomplish our objectives for the country we must sacrifice and work for it.

In the Department, I have been closely working with different people, majority of them are engineering professionals. I admire their patience and responsibility in their work. We have meetings that stretch for hours and though they really want to go home, they chose to stay behind to finish what is to be done. They are also one of those people whom I always nag and pressure but there have been no complaints. Not because they fear me, but because they know that what they are doing would greatly affect not only their lives but the people.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge and commend your professionalism not only in the energy sector but in all industries that need your line of work. I hope that this convention will only bring the best for your institute and may this be an avenue where new milestones will take place which will bring yet again another landmark in your long years of existence.

On behalf of the Department of Energy congratulations and we look forward on your future engagements.

Thank you very much at mabuhay tayong lahat!