Switching On Ceremony La Consolacion

Hon. Carlos Jericho
Switching On Ceremony La Consolacion
September 11, 2015


It is with great honor to witness the ceremonial switch-on of the Solar Facility in La Consolacion College of in Novaliches. It is great to note that a year ago; the same auspicious event also took place in the Manila Campus. This only shows the commitment of the La Consolacion College Systems in promoting renewable energy in the academic setting. As one of the leading centers of learning in the country, this bright addition to your campus can stimulate a new brand of sustainability that will certainly aid the institution in its commitments not only in the environment but also in energy utilization.

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions of the world increased to 31.2 billion metric tons in 2010 and forecasted to reach 36.4 billion metric tons in 2020 and 45.5 billion metric tons in 2040. This data can be attributed to the heavy reliance of the world to non-renewable resources of energy, which can easily meet our increasing economic and social demands. The government as a rule welcomes all kinds of energy sources, as we need it to support our industries. However, it is also essential to have equilibrium to ensure the safety and sustainability of our communities.

As a country that aspires for energy security, our energy policy is mainly to diversify our power mix. The switching-on of these facilities in your school constitutes the sound partnership, which we nurtured together. Through the installation of these panels, we are fulfilling such desires to teach our young minds – the future leaders of the nation on the importance of energy sustainability and the role of RE in nation building.

When we started this endeavor, we envisioned it to convince other institutions from different sectors to follow the bandwagon of putting solar roof panels in their respective buildings. It is after all an opportunity to enjoy solar technology and learn its viability in tropical countries such as ours.

As we continue to find solutions to the growing demands of electricity in our country, let us remember this day as a time when our partnership transcended to a larger and broader cause. We are no more teaching the theories; we are now applying them in our daily lives.

You can be assured of my personal support in all your future undertakings and endeavors.

Thank you very much at Mabuhay tayong lahat!